I have been pondering my life lately. I have always lived been of the philosophy that one should sacrifice to get what they want. I remember telling Phil Worfel, my adviser at Compass College of Cinematic Arts, that I would sleep in the parking lot in my truck to get that degree.

This past year and half was the most difficult in my life for many reasons and while I didn’t have to live in my truck, the degree is in my sights.

Sacrifice. It’s not really a sacrifice. You are gonna pay the price. Either you sacrifice to get what you want, or sacrifice by living your life knowing deep down that you didn’t really do what you were meant to do on this planet.

What were you put here to do?

Shut your eyes.  Clear your mind.  Now think of what makes you smile.  What is at your core?

You have purpose.

You have reason to give up things that aren’t important.

You have reason to be around.  Even if you can’t see that reason right now.

You have reason to put that gun down.  Or knife, or that bottle of pills.

You have reason to give up that addiction you are struggling with.

You have reason to forgive.

Even forgive yourself.  God does not want you to hate yourself.

There are many people out there that think that one person’s ability to change the world is fantasy.  So what if it is?  Isn’t it better to try to hit a goal that is near impossible than to not set a goal?  Besides, who is in a position to make that judgement?

What is it worth to sacrifice to do what you were put here for?  Never ever give up.  As long as your alive, never give up.

I used to live in despair.  I thought that God would never use me again.  I hated everything about me.  My church told me that since my life was messed up that God didn’t want me to serve Him.

I didn’t want to live anymore.

Slowly, God showed me that my church was wrong.  No matter what your struggle is, God has a place for you.  A place that you want to be.  A place that can be fulfilling.

God has given me reason to live through my shame and despair.

It’s possible for that homeless man, or that person who has to live a life inside a shell, hoping that people don’t see the real them.

But you have to choose to live the life God wants for you.  That life you secretly hope is still possible.  There is a way.  It’s simple.

Not easy.

You never ever give up…

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